We provide electronic vehicle identification solutions!

We are part of the German "Tönnjes International Group", world leader in the vehicle identification sector. Our company is characterized by innovative entrepreneurial spirit and extensive know-how, which enables us to build highly secure solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

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About us

T-ID SOLUTIONS S.A.C. is a subsidiary of the Tönnjes International Group, a German organization with more than 185 years of history that is the world leader in the provision of integral, high-security solutions for vehicle registration and identification.

We cover the entire software lifecycle and adjust to the needs of our customers to satisfy their specific scope of services and requirements.

Our business focus:

Electronic vehicle identification

We are flexible and innovative

At T-ID SOLUTIONS S.A.C. we specialize in vehicle identification through our IDeTRUST® System Solution that stands out for its high standards of performance, quality, and security.

Our work style

We are structured and count with a specialized and highly qualified team that covers the areas of Development, Quality Control, Help Desk, Infrastructure, Information Security and Technical Operations. We prioritize the quality of our products and services, always ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

What solutions do we offer?

They comprise platforms available for worldwide use for the secure and audited production of vehicle identification documents, electronic vehicle registration, as well as for electronic vehicle monitoring and control.

Produccion Tecnologica y Segura
Technological and secure production

To produce vehicle license plates with the highest quality and security standards.

Registro Vehicular Electronico
Electronic vehicle registration

Software solutions to manage the nationwide vehicle registration process, integrating all the necessary interfaces.

Control y Monitoreo por RFID
Control and monitoring via RFID

Systems for vehicle identification and control via radio frequency identification that display relevant information, as well as live and historical vehicle traffic through control points.

Soluciones Firmas Digitales
Digital signature solutions

Cutting-edge technologies to ensure vehicle license plates and other documents are protected from forgery, theft, and tampering.

IT consultancy

Efficient and secure processes with added value for our clients.

Consultoria informatica
Experiencia alcance

Experience and scope

T-ID is enriched with the experience that Tönnjes International Group has acquired globally in its more than 185 years of existence. With our system solutions we digitize everything from the production of vehicle license plates, their distribution and delivery, to vehicle registration and electronic identification of vehicles on the roads through the electronic processing of radio frequency identification components (RAIN RFID and NFC).

Our pillars


Information security policy

T-ID Solutions protects, preserves, and manages the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information within the framework of execution of the Software Development Cycle and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We prevent information security incidents through risk management and the implementation of security mechanisms, while continuously improving the management and high performance of the Information Security Management System.